About Me
My name is Shanna and I'm 28 living in Waxhaw, North Carolina with my fiancé and two Golden Retrievers. My full-time job is as a Network Administrator for RFK Racing, which is a NASCAR cup series team. The 2023 season was my first in the industry and the job has been a dream come true. Photography is something I get to take along with me as we travel to different states, and I always look forward to picking up my camera in my downtime on the road and at home.
About Frame of Mind Photography
Frame of Mind (Phrase): "a particular mood that influences one's attitude or behavior."
I believe that life is all about mindset. If we approach situations with an open mind and heart, we typically will get the same in return. Behind the lens we get to capture moments in time. These moments are a reflection of us. Of our vision, of our mindset, and what matters to us. My portfolio is a collection of my work, but also a look into my vision, mindset and life, and I hope you enjoy.
Whatever the occasion, I would love to work with you on your photography needs.
Until Next Time,
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